Fox Terrier Muffy was mauled to death by a wild dog.
Fox Terrier Muffy was mauled to death by a wild dog.

Muffy’s wild dog mauling prompts call for cull

A GLADSTONE council contestant watched on in horror as her 10-year-old Fox Terrier cross Jack Russell was mauled by a wild dog outside her Calliope home on Racecourse Rd.

Desley O'Grady's Fox Terrier Muffy suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs -- injuries she wouldn't survive.

"I sort of heard it screaming," she said.

"It wasn't even 20 metres from our house. I was there 30 seconds of it."

She said there is "air going into her lung" on the side it's laying on in the photo's she provided The Observer.

"She made it to the top of our stairs and I picked her up and took her inside," she said.  

"When I went out the screaming, I went out and saw the dog … I was yelling out the whole time [at the wild dog]."

The mauling happened in the early hours of Friday morning and Mrs O'Grady raced the Muffy to a vet.

"She [the vet] rang us before we got back home and told us that she wasn't going to live."

It's led her to step up and support a campaign for "culling the wild dogs".  

"I've always supported culling wild dogs because they are a menace to our society."

"I have really strong feelings about this," she said.

"It is a council issue," she said, adding that it wouldn't be a part of her platform in the election, but she would support any moves to cull.

She snapped the wild dog on council's Snap, Send, Solve app, which helps council's track wild dogs in their patch. 

While she wasn't entirely sure what the breed of the dog is because it was dark, from what she saw, she gathered it was a dingo cross.