Islands, turtles and cow poo - there's so much to see here

WE live in a beautiful part of the world don't we? We have so much to be grateful for here in Gladstone.

There's plenty of cash in our economy with coal terminals down the street, lots of ships to take it overseas, heaps of industry keeping us employed and able to live the great life we have.

Last weekend I was reminded of how great it was, and all it took was a boat, a 4WD, a microphone and a steak sandwich.

Saturday was a day fit for a king over at Quoin Island for their Colour Cancer Cocktail fundraiser.

We had over a hundred people dancing and eating their way to a cure at one of the most beautiful places in CQ.

To see the lights of town in the background as we made our way over was a sight to behold. It was truly magical to see and wake up in the morning next to Delly the 140kg turtle.

It certainly makes me proud to call Gladstone home each day and I hope you feel the same way.

That Sunday afternoon after getting back on the Quoin Island ferry, I was heading out past Calliope for some country scrub bashing action courtesy of Leo Neill-Ballantine out at Galloway Plains.

When I got there in the Barina it made me realise they are absolutely the luckiest people on earth.

If you don't live in the bush you are missing out. The mountains, the wildlife, the cattle poo, the wide open space, the cattle poo and of course everything in between - it was just magnificent.

Here's a snapshot of what I got up to on Sunday.

I arrived at their property at midday in my RM Williams' gear and proceeded to do some scrub bashing and cattle mustering in the 4WD for about half an hour, helping out another property owner who was on his bike.

It took half an hour moving 3000-plus head cattle into a gate the size of Clive Palmer's belt buckle.

Then we headed for a bit of helicopter viewing over the valley, jumped on the horses and got all over the place, branded a few head of cattle, delivered a stubborn calf out the back, painted the shed roof, and did some quick maintenance on the truck, then got stuck into a couple of lemonades, all in a day's work.

It just makes me wonder what I'd be doing if I wasn't in radio.