Chris Trevor was the member for Flynn.
Chris Trevor was the member for Flynn. Tom Huntley GLA010513CHRI

MPs were in 'tears' during Federal Government's apology

CHRIS Trevor says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's national apology left an indelible mark on him forever.

On the day 10 years ago yesterday, the now Gladstone Region deputy mayor was sitting in Federal Parliament as the Labor member for Flynn.

Mr Rudd apologised to indigenous people over the Stolen Generation travesty.

"My best recollection is it was a very emotional day, not only for members like myself who were on the floor of Parliament but for all Australians," Mr Trevor said.

"I recall quite vividly that a lot of my fellow members of Parliament, including myself, were in tears.

"It was just one of those iconic, captivating moments in history."

At the time of the apology, Mr Rudd's government committed to closing the gap between the inequalities of indigenous and non indigenous people.

Mr Trevor's personal opinion is a "great start" to closing the gap had been made but much more needed to be done.

"We need to follow up on the promises that were made on that day on both sides of the parliament," he said.