Blair MP Shayne Neumann.
Blair MP Shayne Neumann. Cordell Richardson

MPs' travel, printing costs thousands in just three months

IPSWICH'S two members of parliament have spent thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds during the first three months of this year.

In the three-month period from January to March Member for Blair Shayne Neumann and Oxley MP Milton Dick spent $230,596

Member for Blair Shayne Neumann, who was then Labor's immigration spokesman, racked up expenses worth $145,689.

At $41,251, office expenses were Mr Neumann's highest cost.

Contained in the office expenses category was $34,598 spent on printing and communications.

Almost $5000 was spent on domestic flights between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and another $900 was used for accommodation and meals when Mr Neumann travelled to Naru.

The bills for both members is less than their expenditure in the last quarter of 2018, thanks largely to the lack of sittings in Federal Parliament.

The House of Representatives sat for one fortnight between February 12 and 21.

The $145,689 spent in the first three months of this year is less than the $191,418 Mr Neumann spent in the last quarter of last year.

"All expenses for the period of January to March 2019 were approved and within entitlements," Mr Neumann's spokesman said.

Federal MP for Oxley Milton Dick says NDIS shortfalls are “shameful”. Picture: ALP/Jono Searle
Member for Oxley Milton Dick.

Mr Dick's $84,907 bill for the January to March period is lower than the $119,866 in the previous quarter.

The Member for Oxley said the expenses helped him communicate with constituents.

"I pride myself on being as accessible as possible as a local member and keeping residents up to date on local issues," Mr Dick said.

Both members have previously maintained their expenses were in line with regulations.

Mr Dick and Mr Neumann were returned by voters at last month's federal election.

Mr Neumann was made Labor's spokesman for veterans' affairs under new Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.