MP calls out council candidates over election signage

BLAIR MP Shayne Neumann is calling on council candidates to clean up their act and ensure they are complying with election signage regulations.

Candidates are in full campaign mode with three weeks until Ipswich residents hit the polls and a sea of signs have been erected around the city since February 22.

Mr Neumann said the field of inexperienced councillors were not taking care of their obligations and urged Ipswich City Council, which regulates election signage across the city, to step up and take action.

"If you're going to run to be an elected representative, you need to getting this kind of thing right," Mr Neumann said.

"You could drive around Ipswich for 10 minutes and see so many signs that have been put up illegally.

"It's just not good enough. They really need to be doing better."

Election signs are allowed on council roadsides and private property as long as they comply with Ipswich City Council local laws.

"Council has received numerous requests for information about the placement of election signage and will respond to all service requests about the placement of election signage," a council spokesman said.

"The volume of service requests has not shown any significantly higher trend then during other election periods.

"Upon receiving a complaint council will inspect the location and confirm if a breach of the local laws has occurred.

"Council will contact the owner of the sign and provide advice as often the misplacement of a sign is an innocent act. If required upon follow up inspection further enforcement action can be taken such as council performing the work that the owner of the sign has not undertaken."

Election placed on council land, such as parks or reserves, that is left unattended is not permitted.

Signs need to be located at least three and a half metres from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is 80km/h or less and at least six metres from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is over 80km/hr.

Signs cannot be attached to trees or vegetation or local government infrastructure, centre medians or roundabouts, on a freeway or motorway.

The signs cannot obstruct pedestrians or cyclists or be placed so they distract motorists or obstruct the view of road traffic signs.

All signs need to be removed within seven days of the election being held.

If you believe signage has been placed incorrectly or is a hazard, contact the council on 3810 6666 or