Gladstone MP stands by FIFO inquiry, hits back at Landry

GLADSTONE Member Glenn Butcher has hit back at Federal Capricornia Member Michelle Landry's comment about the latest inquiry into fly-in fly-out work practices.

Alongside Dawson MP George Christensen, Ms Landry put up a Private Member's Bill to amend the Fair Work Act 2009 to stop companies locking out local workers.

Mr Butcher said the move was a political stunt because the bill would not pass through government before the next election.

Mr Christensen put the bill, seconded by Ms Landry, on Monday.

Ms Landry said blame for the impact of 100% FIFO on local business and workers "lies fairly and squarely" with the Queensland Labor Party and labelled the recent inquiry into 100% FIFO as hot air.

"Queensland Labor leaders introduced this despicable practice in the first place," she said.

"Their recent inquiry did not tell us anything we did not already know."

Mr Butcher said what Ms Landry wanted to achieve through the bill were already recommendations from the recent inquiry.