Family seeks advice before moving to Gladstone

THIS story was submitted by a reader via The Observer's Your Story section.

Hello everyone. We've been considering a move to Gladstone for a while now, for business/work related reasons.

We were all ready to do it, and then last week I read a few articles on The Observer about the air quality and related levels of asthma.

We have a little boy, and we're now really concerned.

>> Coal dust part of Gladstone life, mum of four says

I've read several governmental reports on the air quality, but none of them take into account the big increase in emissions in that past few years (ie 40% increase from the power station alone).

Our current thinking is this: move to Kirkwood as it's close to town but furthest from the rail lines and their uncovered coal.

Can anyone please give us some advice about Kirkwood, with respect to coal dust?

Is Kirkwood one of the "cleaner" locations in Gladstone? Tannum is too far for us, as is Mt Larcom.

Many thanks,
A concerned father