Gladstone man Nick Sweeney was tragically killed in Peru on June 7.
Gladstone man Nick Sweeney was tragically killed in Peru on June 7. Nick Sweeney

Moving pledge of support for Nick Sweeney

THE tragic death of 22-year-old Nick Sweeney has rocked the Gladstone community but over a very moving 24 hours, more than $50,000 was pledged by more than 500 people to help the Sweeney family deal with the stark reality of losing their brother, son and grandson.

The 22-year-old was on a year-long travelling holiday 'in the prime of his life' around Europe, Mexico and South America when he was tragically killed in car accident in Peru on June 7.

The community was shocked with the tragedy, with many of his friends gathering to remember him over a few drinks at the Harvey Road Tavern on Friday last week. On Tuesday at the Qld Maroon's Fan Day luncheon, an emotional and teary councillor Chris Trevor auctioned off a signed Maroons jersey for $5000 to bring Nick home, going for $2000 more than an identical jersey. Then a group close to the family and with their permission set up a GoFundMe page on Thursday afternoon to raise money to 'Help Bring Nick Home'.

The initial goal was to raise $10,000 and within 45 minutes that target was reached. People continued to donate at about $180 a minute leaving messages of condolences and best wishes for Nick's family.

The site was so inundated with donations it couldn't handle the traffic and some transactions didn't go through and some went through twice.

(The issues are being rectified and the money has continued to flow on.)

By 8.30pm Thursday night there was more than $22,000 in the fund and by 9.30am yesterday there was more than $43,000 made up of donations from $20 to thousands of dollars. By the time this paper went to print there was more than $50,000 in donations.

An update on the page read the generosity would make a difference for the Sweeney Family and was "humbling but not surprising".

The names of those who have donated:

Sarah Taylor, Nicola Richards, Mal and di Obst, Greg and Leigh Madge, Danielle Smith, Michael and Colleen Wilson, Emma Millar, Barbara Bennett, Eric Sonya Batty, Janelle Pirie, David and Kathy Sparkman, Isabella Aitkenhead, Tony Evans, Jeffrey Jackson, Carali McKenzie, Justin and Audra Michell, Kym and Tracey Foura, Jeff, Robyn and Katie Thomasson, Brent Jordison, Ross and Jenny Leask, Tarquin Lisle, Bill and Helen Whitmore, Dylan Stitt, Elizabeth Bell, Colin and Jodi Anderson, Lyn Jones, Tyson White, Paul and Renata Leask, Christine Austin, Tom Mylne, Alex Staines, Maree Tisdell, Kayla Riek, Cassie Williams, Nerida White, Josh and Phoebe Bateman, Beth Temple, Jeffrey Thorburn, Tracey Hick, Deb Wall-Caon, Judith Cullen, Iddon Family, Robert Inwood, Deb Wall-Caon, Megan and Ben Hughes, Brooke Hansen, Xport Plumbing, Jodie Jantzen, Morgan Corones, Mark and Melanie Whitmore, The Cravens, Gail Griffiths, Cheryl Strike, Fay Sundstrom, Simone and Jeff Weekes, Ros Westman, Matt Strike, Travis Stolk, Jazmin Stephens, Matt King, Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce Inc, Cassie Boast, Margaret and Erin Clegg, Trent and Marie, Marie Daix, Kara Hall, Matt Bryson, Greg and Sandra Hill, Col and Leonie Andersen, Luke Oakes, Jacob Caon, Anita Benn, Wendy, Rob, Kyra and Brooke Sweeney, Mark Couglan, Kara D'Arcy, Chris and Sonia Andersen, Dwahna McElligott, Kylie Best, Rhys Dahl, Gwen and Dan Daly, Chris Collins, Alex Rogers, Amanda Laner, Struike Family, Zeb Thompson, Holly Beau, Carli and Matt Homann, Megan Evans, Jo Rees, Celeste/Jai Volker, Adrian Robertson, Jared Hill, Brett and Kym McAndrew, Hayden Collocott, Karla Jenkinson, Alison and Jim Provan, Kirsten O'Hara, Joanne O'Brien, Rita Doherty, Dale and Bernadette Fallon, Joanne O'Brien, Fallon Chant, Renee Thompson, Dean Russell, Fallon Chant, Len and Darinka Gibb, Jared Fraser, Leigh and Al West, Alex Walker, Karis Howard, Rick and Christine Niven, Matt and Kelly Adame, Chris Stacey, Kaitlyne Mcdowell, Chris Stacey, Matt Emslie, Lisa Brodie, Vessey Family, Peter and Bernice Thompson, Mark and Jakki Graham, Tamara N Jason Burns, Casey Riggs, Drew Sheppard, Tim Faux, Nathan Hitchcock, Chelsea Lalor, Dean and Vicki Anderson, Sandy Buttsworth, Terri Green, Kellie Richardson, Sue White, Terri Ahrens, Margie Richards, Amoy Mallie, Rhonda Sutton, Lorna McGinnis, Natalie Holzberger, Luke Critchley, Ellousie Smith, Ann Pengelly, Chelsey Preston, Charlie Davidson, Maud Petigas, Paul Cash, Karele and Alan Maclean, Karele Maclean, Josh Harper, Rhys Campbell, Rachel Kelliher, Stuart and Caitlin Norris, Helen Evans, Vikki Templeton, Jeremy Jones, Gary Smith, Nick Lamberton, Williams Family, Reed Bligh, Carsen Jones, Asha Nicholson, Steve and Cherie Askew, Shauna Mulhern, Harriet Bennett, Sally Evans, Kelsie Herbert, Liam Doolan, Shaun Petersen, Amy Adams, Joel O'Grady, Jack Smith, Therese Devin, Grace Duckham, Becky Lyden, Aidan Dunnett, Geoff and Karen Rouse, Dianna Walker, Aaron Hanrahan, Damon Mckenzie, Jakob Holmwood, Ryan Keating, Jami Long, Lizzy Kelly, Tim Sparkman, Zach Raby, Kym Purcell, Erin Thornton, Jess Nixon, Chris Cummins, Mikaela Walker, Donna McCarthy, Bryant family, Tayla Bradley, Terry O'Connell, Greg & Maureen Michel, Anthony and Jodie King, Jack Byrne, Young Family, Heathwood Family, Noel Hancock, Jessica Hamilton, Michele & Ian Chapman, Kate Larson, Jacque Budak, Daniel White, Clemens Bischof, Webb Family, Breadsell Family, Breeanna Brazendale, Christie Breeze, Michele & Ian Chapman, Ben Rutter, Mark Manski, Ben Rutter, Mark Manski, Shauna Castle, Leslie Nicholson, Rhiannon O'Connor, Mitchell Radel, Cheryl Petersen, Karen Simkin, Ben Platt, Ann White, Leigh Murdoch, Samantha Bradley, Karen Simkin, Danielle Smith, Thomas Hayes, Thomas Mcneill, Melissa McBride, Joshua Goman, Janelle Yarrow, Kylie & David Rogers, Ros Waters, Danielle Smith, Shae Greenough, Georgia Kelly, Kylie Pryce, Michael Heymer, Tony Larsen, Emma Young, Millicent Bradley Woods, Matt Jones, Prudence Allen, Ben Tomlin, James Downes, Jamie-Lea Johnson, Karen and Troy Smith, Lisa Holmes, The McCarthy Family, Matt Jones, Alex Kujanpaa, Paul, Sharen & Jared Feehely, Karen Ronning, Lara Davis, Sarah Critchley, Emily Skinner, Wayne (Pear) and Roslyn Jannusch, Dean & Angela O'Dowd, Alexis Baynton, Emily Skinner, Josh Hodgson, Danielle Botica, Lance McKay, Graham & Sandy Turner, Maddy Kennings, Andrew / Michelle Thomassen, Jasmine Settle, Nick Hiley, Hendro McLennan, Amy Rhodes, Bob Cox, Tayla Smith, Shaun Cridland, Paula & Brad Hitchcock, Kaitlin Fish, Annabel and Peter Hawkins, John and Helen Schnitzerling, Brodie Parter Family, Lauren Cunnington, Jared Lauder, Chris Hansen, Kim Piper, Paula & Brad Hitchcock, Anna Turetschek, Sarah Williams, Michaela Ward, Scott Rouse, Matthew Inwood, Les Sutton, Tracey Clark, Jayden Clark, Michael & Amanda Walz, Makayler Barr, Samantha Ogden, Brett & Kim Rowe, Lewis Davis, Steve Dunn, Weinert Family, Taj Schafer, Kerrie Lisle, Daniel Polkinghorne, Dan & Kylee Whitmore, Lindsay & Jody Warwick, Jack Johnson, Troy Thomassen, Jen & Stu Pengelly, Chris Bebendorf, Damien & Nerida Rigby, Wayne & Brigitte James, Decima Bramall, Nerida Rigby, Les and Shyrelle Anderson, Dawes Family, Jake Thompson, Scott Toms, Maureen and Steve Kelliher, Hayden Warwick, Milton & Karina Grieving, Sam Evans, Brittany & Blake Neaton, Mick & Jacki Daly, Kim Roberts, Liam Coleman, Michael Harris, Decima Bramall, Liz & Michael Whitmore, Rob & Belinda Davies, Brian & Sam Hansen, Leeson Family, Zac Phillips, Nathan Cutts, Madalyn Taylor, Joshua Grieving, Nadine Maher, James Gumbleton, Dawes Family, Damien & Jess Hill, Jane Brown, Julianne Silver, Steve and Kylie Dumontet, Ray Tricia Hanna &Tess Barnsley, Corey Hughes, John Kornbrekke, Kelli Vince, Sharon & David Thomsen, Webb Family, Dennis and Sandy Black, Aj Pool, Jane Brown, Joel Anderson, Tammy Walz, Andrew Whitmore, Cam Barker, Trae Clark, Pat Conway, Brett Jensen, Ben Bultreys, Jack Heard, Catherine Rooney, Pauline Toms, Ricki Jeffery, Nathan Street, Bryanna Hall, Bella Heard, Hayden Murdoch, Hayley Good, DeAraugo Family, Kate Warren, Rod & Nook Stewart, Gibbs Family, Hayley Allen and Family, Lynette Spencer, Jackson Reading, Jason & Sherie Holzheimer, Gayle and Peter Young, Jess Ahrens, Justiss Heard, Bree Hughes, Shelley Old, Miss Alice Nelson, Ken & Melissa Major, Leisa Haylock, Julie Evans, Nick Heilmann, Serena Keleher, Nathan Prest, Maddi Anderson, Sorrensen Family, Chris & Sharyn Larson, Vanessa Guinea, Brianna Baker, Chelsea Lalor, Peter Winyard, Aaron Rothery, Hayden Baynton, Matthew Miles, Michael Rose, Regan Hall And Rosalia Peagam, Conrad Tewes, Jess Heuschele, Tayla Pegg, Chris Hooper, Raschelle Stevens, Amanda Searston, Bruce (BJ) Heard, Leisa Haylock, Tamika Palmer, Dennis & Rhonda Huston, Louise Farrar, John Van der Mark, Oakes Family, Frankie Althen, Crystal Simpson, Jemma Anderson, Remi Whelan, Maddy Kennings, Jill Hall, Abbey Scanlan & Jonathon Lewis, Walker Family, Walkers, McAndrews and Deveneys, Sue Pegg, Anthony Pegg, Maddy Smith, Louise Farrar, Bradley Rimeur, Dean Strike, Sam Taylor, Beth Jones, Bradley Rimeur, Rachel Clarke, Hannah Kennings, Maddison Shaw, Isaiah McGarrow, Jade Hodgson, Melanie Dyball, Travis Pope, Vanessa B, Nerida & Damien Rigby, Tim Vincent, Renee Litonjua, Ryan & Kaitlin Heaney, Jennett Mullane, Sam Dobbrick, Belinda Kristensen, Ryan Dearaugo, Adrian and Emily Bosci, Kershur Mills, Michel Colen, Brooke Thomassen, Brendan & Samantha Warwick, Kim Brown, Ralph and Terri Stafford, Mitch Graham, Kim Raby, Karen Davis, Dayn Richards, Leanne Stocker, Darryl Branthwaite, Hyne Family, Darren and Tanya Whelan, Janelle and Garry Scanlan, Luke Pegg, Anthony Arthur, Luke Steele, Isabella McGuire, Mark Fleming, Leanne Stocker, Jed Lutton, Janelle and Garry Scanlan, Hannah Chard, Sarah Kennings, Mandy Rigby, Andrea Myers, Isabella McGuire, Steve and Tracy Stuart, Mandee Patzwald, Brendan Coughlan, Louise Watene, Alan, Sharon, Bryony, 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Genninges, Saskia Groen-int-woud, Jessica Bauer.