Mount Panorama comes alive in my lounge room

THIS is THE week. The week before one of the biggest events on my "must do" calendar.

Must do what? I hear many of you ask. Bathurst, of course!

The week when that city in inland New South Wales goes crazy, overtaken by thousands of petrol heads all there for the one reason.

I've never been to Bathurst, but it has become pretty much tradition in my life to keep a close eye on the tele on Saturday for the Top 10 Shootout, and throughout the day on Sunday as the big race unfolds.

Bathurst has been one of those events which I believe is possibly best viewed from the comfort of home, mainly because it's not at all easy to see much of the track from any one position.

The television coverage is second to none on the day.

It's my big hope that next year when V8 Supercars changes channels that the coverage will as good.

It will be hard for it to be better.

I don't watch the race from go to whoa like some folk do.

I tend to be one of those who watches the first 10-20 laps, then goes off to do something, comes back after an hour or so, watches another 20 laps and so on during the afternoon.

The TV will remain going the whole time so it's a matter of just having a quick look as I walk past.

I'm pretty sad that all of the V8 Supercars rounds next year and some time into the future will not be screened live on free to air TV.

I believe there are a lot of people like me who would be quite happy to watch every single round, but many who don't have Foxtel will miss out.

Just goes to show it's all about cash, and who can offer the best deal to the organisers.

Next it will be Formula 1 on Foxtel, a true shame.