Black Diamond Motel Blackwater.
Black Diamond Motel Blackwater.

Motel owner feeling impact of CQ coronavirus case

AS THE news of the COVID-19 related death of 30-year-old miner Nathan Turner on Tuesday afternoon settled across Blackwater, the community was still in shock.

The Morning Bulletin spoke to local residents and business owners in town, but it was still too raw for many to comment on and they said they needed more information.

Black Diamond Motel Blackwater’s Jessey Lamont said in the motel industry, the news was “worrying”.

“We have a lot of people come to and from, a lot of miners, a lot of people from Mackay,” she said.

There is a concern about the virus spreading to outerlying areas like Emerald.

It has only been in the past few weeks restrictions have started to lift, and now there is also a concern everything would get shutdown again.

Ms Lamont said the information gaps about where the deceased man contracted the virus had been frustrating.

“There is lots of different information from a lot of different sources,” she said.

“When more information comes around less people will be afraid.”

Over the past few months as the global pandemic has taken hold, Ms Lamont said they haven’t seen a noticeable drop in business.

She said most of the clients they have come in are in town for business and need to work.

At this early stage, they haven’t seen any cancellations in their advance bookings.

“I don’t know if it’s going to suffer but I am certainly interested if people are coming to travel to blackwater in the next couple of weeks.”