Taken at McLeans Ridges 2016 by Michael Bath, Northern NSW Severe Weather.
Taken at McLeans Ridges 2016 by Michael Bath, Northern NSW Severe Weather. Michael Bath

More thunderstorms on the horizon

THE severe weather conditions aren't finished yet as the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts more thunderstorms on the horizon.

BOM issued another severe thunderstorm warning overnight for the Northern Ranges and Upper Hunter, with the possibility of the storms remenence to hit the North Coast.

Severe weather meteorologist Andrew Haigh said the predicted storms would however not be as tumultuous as Monday night's.

"Probably a few (storms) in the North East of the State but not as many and probably not as intense," Mr Haigh said.

"Looks like Friday there will be a few coastal showers."

"New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, indicating there will be showers and possible thunderstorms on our current forecast."

On Monday night, some locals were left in the dark for their evening Christmas celebrations, after storms knocked out power lines and TV transmissions along the North Coast of NSW.

More than 7000 Essential Energy customers were left without power, with crews having restored power to 70% just yesterday.

Mr Haigh said there was even reports of hail around 2-3cm in diameter falling in some areas on the Northern Rivers.

"Someone report hail the size of golf balls," Mr Haigh said.

Other reports reveal that 30-60mm of rain fell in other parts of the region.

  • Nullamanna recorded 31mm in 30 minutes between 2:30-3pm.
  • Tuckurimba recorded 45mm in 30 minutes.
  • The Channon recorded 58mm in between 5-5:30pm
  • Goolmanger recorded 40mm in 30 minutes
  • Couchy Creek recorded 48mm in 30 minutes.

Lismore City State Emergency Service volunteers and police were also kept busy during the wild weather.

Richmond Tweed Region Controller Mark Somers said the Lismore City Unit responded to numerous calls for assistance on Monday night.

He said crews responded to a flood rescue after reports of a car driving into flood waters. Fortunately after a search of the area by SES volunteers, police confirmed they found the driver safe at home.

Despite this year's major floods, Mr Somers was concerned some residents still weren't heeding warnings against driving through flood water.

"Sudden flash floods such as these have the potential to kill - lucky this was not the case for this Christmas Day" he said.

"Not only does it place yourself at risk but also those who have to go to your assistance".