Mayor says: More tenders are going to local companies

GLADSTONE Mayor Gail Sellers has commented on the perception that local businesses miss out when it comes to council contracts.

The Observer last week reported on this issue, and the Mayor has this week reiterated council's stance in her weekly column in The Community Advocate.


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Here's what she wrote:

THE council has hopefully put paid to the myth that it does not look after local companies when it comes to awarding tenders for products and services.

To help dispel that misconception, the council recently released figures showing that 70% of its tenders, worth nearly $9 million in total, have been awarded to companies based within the Gladstone region.

That is up from the 55% of tenders that were awarded to local operators in the 2013-14 financial year and I believe one significant reason for the improvement has been the council's willingness to help tenders meet expectations.

The council is always willing to provide feedback to unsuccessful tenderers and let them know the reasoning behind our decisions and how their tender could have been improved upon.

As a result of such consultations, many Gladstone regional companies have become increasingly efficient and competitive with their tenders.

During the current financial year only 64 tenders have been awarded to non-local entities and, of them, 39 were in instances when no local tenders were received.

The council will further investigate the possibility of providing local tenders with a 5% weighting advantage but, at this point, the majority of councillors believe the recent success of local tenders proves such a move is not required.

Local companies have already proved themselves more than competitive and the council will always look to award a tender locally whenever possible, helping to create as much wealth and employment within the region as possible.