TOP BRASS: The Queensland Symphony Orchestra will play in Gladstone on Friday.
TOP BRASS: The Queensland Symphony Orchestra will play in Gladstone on Friday. Glen Bowden

Orchestra tunes up for free Gladstone show

THE 50-member Queensland Symphony Orchestra will bring its A-game to Gladstone on Friday, including lead violinist and soloist Warwick Adeney.

Adeney, whose official title is "concertmaster", has been in orchestras for 25 years. He loves the violin, an instrument that hasn't left his side since was five years old.

"Everyone played a violin. I am one of six kids and we all did it," he said. "I studied at the Conservatorium with a good teacher.

"I am very grateful to have a nice job playing lovely music. The violin is very sweet and also powerful.

"It can play fast and gutsy."

Adeney practices for about 26 hours per week and he juggles music with fatherhood.

"I've got nine kids. The youngest is two and the eldest is 22. It's pretty full on," he said.

"We do home schooling. We do work before 10am. I can be involved with the kids, unlike some dads who go to work at 8am, and it's a really nice situation."

Despite the hectic lifestyle he leads, Adeney loves what he does. He has witnessed first-hand the improvement of the orchestra since its inception in 2001.

The orchestra has expanded during the past 10 years, with its sights set on a bigger scale than just playing in Brisbane.

"We are aiming at an international level now," he said.

The Music Under the Stars event at the marina tomorrow will also feature outstanding Opera Queensland soprano Dominique Fegan.

It will be led by young Australian-British conductor Jessica Cottis.


WHERE: Gladstone Marina Main Stage

WHEN: Friday at 6.30pm

OTHER: Free event. No alcohol, glass or dogs