Races are more fun when pooling bets with your mates

I HAVE been in plenty of betting partnerships in my time, and I am sold on the idea, for the most part anyway.

Forming a little race day syndicate has its positives and negatives, but it seems to me that the element of fun is increased when you are involved in a partnership with one or more people.

Let me explain.

Before I moved to Gladstone, once a week or fortnight the golfers I grew up playing with from my local club, The Grange Golf Club (check it out if you are in Wollongong), would get together and have some beers and a bet.

I can recall one particular occasion I was betting with my good mate and former colleague Matt Carter, as well as another of our mates who we just call D-White, and we had pooled our money for the day's gambling.

An hour and a half into proceedings, we had twice as much money in the kitty than we started with, but there I was with no winners to my name.

In fact, I hadn't even picked something that had run a place.

But there I was with plenty of cash to splash and another beer in my hand, living the high life.

And then the criticism began, "Come on Jake," Matt and D began chanting every time my bet rolled around, only to see another low place finish.

The best thing for me was, that each time one of the other boys had a go, more money was going into the pool.

The worst thing though, other people in the club had begun shouting "Come on Jake" when they saw me going to put a bet on.

And it didn't stop there. The next thing I knew, one of the security guards had come to quieten down the crowd and had found out what happened.

He started the chant as well.

I can honestly say that it is without a doubt one of the best days I have had out with mates, and I did end up picking a winner, but that did nothing to quieten the mob of chanters giving me grief.

So here are a few positives and negatives about pooling your cash:


  • You won't spend as much money because you are sharing races, not betting on all of them
  • You can give it to your mates, or be on the end of some friendly banter
  • You can end up with money in your pocket despite not picking winners


  • You can pick winners and end up with no money if your partners don't help out
  • You watch horses you would have backed win while your mate backed something else
  • You can't win as much cash because it is split, but hey, any money is good money