More debate on $3 billion of welfare cuts unlikely

A BILL to cut family payments and review young Australians' disability support is unlikely to face extra scrutiny before passing parliament.

Social Services Assistant Minister Mitch Fifield on Thursday updated senators on the negotiations over the controversial reforms.

The changes, which Labor supported after the government removed other elements, are expected to be debated for a final time next week.

Under the reforms, all disability support pensioners under 35 will have their cases reviewed, and the primary income earner limit for Family Tax Benefit B will be reduced to $100,000.

It will also limit the Family Tax Benefit A payments to families with four or more children.

While The Greens and Palmer United Party are opposed to the changes, the deal will save the government about $3 billion.

Sen Fifield, in Senate Estimates on Thursday, said it would be great if the bill could "come to a vote straight away".

Given both major parties supported the changes, he said he did not think there was a particular desire for a committee stage.

"In relation to the other social services pieces of legislation, they have been introduced to the House and obviously there are discussions that are ongoing," he said.