More cool tech tools to help maximise your business

LAST week I talked about two tech tools that can help you with your business, Headline Analyzer ( and Peek User testing (

Hopefully you've used these clever tools for your business.

This week we'll look at a couple more that were covered by the Business Blue Print team.

Have you ever had someone ring and in a panic say "Your website is down, I can't do..."? This sends you into a panic right? Well, no more - just pop your web site into and it will confirm if it is your site or just someone having issues with their internet, browser etc.

The next tool is very cool. Narro basically allows you to take online articles, clip them and turn the text into speech (you may need a Google Chrome extension), therefore creating your own podcasts of article you don't have time to read. Now you can listen to them in the car, mowing the lawn or while exercising.

There are between 50 and 150 new business apps released daily. Perhaps have some of your team start going through new releases, testing them for your business and find ones that will make a difference. Many are free or just a few dollars.

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