Tax man to send more letters to Bechtel workers

AUDIT letters will be sent to 1000 Bechtel workers this week as the Australian Tax Office continues its correction of "incorrect" work expenses claims.

More than 1400 people have adjusted their tax returns following warnings last year from the tax office for Bechtel workers to adjust claims after inconsistencies were discovered in tax refunds from Curtis island workers.

More information has also been added to the tax office's website explaining why the claims were incorrect.

Despite rumours of a court case, the tax office has confirmed no legal action has been taken challenging its position in relation to work-related expense claims lodged by Bechtel workers.

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Last week Gladstone accountancy firm Corporate Accountants called for the audit to be abandoned after lodging a formal complaint over the audit with the tax office.

The firm says while sending out audit letters, the tax office had sent personal information to the wrong people.

This was not confirmed or denied by the tax office.

Anyone who corrects claims before receiving an audit letter will not be fined.

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