Police photograph the search for remains of Daniel Morcombe.
Police photograph the search for remains of Daniel Morcombe. Supplied/ Police Media

Morcombe family in silent vigil

DRESSED in protective head-to-toe blue suits, booties and facemasks to avoid contamination, the Morcombes stood silently near what could be Daniel’s gravesite.

Daniel’s twin brother Bradley and his older brother Dean visited the site where police and SES are searching for their brother’s remains for the first time on Tuesday.

“It was the four of us standing at the edge, it was quite a lonely spot,” Bruce Morcombe said yesterday.

“It’s not a restful place, it gives you the creeps there.

“We were thinking ‘what a horrible place to finish up’.”

Bruce and Denise Morcombe described the site, off Kings Road at Glasshouse Mountains, as eerie when they visited it nine days earlier.

Mr Morcombe said the discovery of two shoes and three human bones, which are undergoing DNA testing, made the site more significant to the family.

“We now knew since we’d been there last time there were two shoes that matched the brand Daniel was wearing,” he said.

“Of course, we still have to wait for testing but common sense would suggest it would be more likely to be Daniel than not.

“Spiritually, you sort of feel sorry, a bit angry and you wonder at the hours, perhaps longer as we’re not in a position to know, he spent here and what actually eventuated between the abduction location and his likely burial at that site.

“I don’t have a timeline of whether it was a hasty progression of events or it was numerous hours, days or horrendous times until he ended up here.

“They’re thoughts none of us want to go down but we can’t help but wonder.

"And if you don’t have facts in front of you, the mind runs all over the place.”

Mr Morcombe said he was quite touched to see red ribbons on homes on the way to the site.

He described standing on the rim of the search site, about 50m from where human bones were found on Sunday, where the ground falls away.

“There’s a cutting that goes down about six metres and then a further depression beyond that,” he said.

“There’s a lot of undergrowth and it’s reasonably heavily wooded so you’re peering through the trunks of trees.

“We could see the sandbags and could see the water pooling.

“This weather could set the project back some time while they get rid of the water.

“They’ll have to check in case something has been dislodged or moved because of erosion, or whether more has been uncovered.

“Because of the poor weather, the site was free of any noise of people moving around.

“More importantly for our family, there was no interference from prying choppers.

“We were there for about 10 minutes and then we moved away.

“Dean took it in his stride and he was strong.

"Brad was strong as well but you could see they were both moved by the event and the location.

“Bradley was more in shock at the realisation that this could be Daniel’s final resting place.”

The search has been suspended until the weather improves.

Police are guarding the site.