Great white shark
Great white shark ELizabethHoffmann

Monster great white launches “like a missile” at Angourie

THERE'S no way Angourie surfer Will Webber is getting wet today.

The renowned surfboard shaper, who has been catching waves in the area for 40 years, was checking the surf at Spooky Beach around midday when he saw a huge great white shark launch several feet out of the ocean.

"Man, that was the raddest thing I've ever seen," he told The Daily Examiner.

"I just went to check the surf and sat down for about 10 seconds; it was probably about a kilometre out and the thing just jumped out seven feet in the air.

"It was about a 15 footer and had its whole profile from the top. It came out like a freight train, if that thing hit you you'd be in half."

Shaking and in awe of the predator's sheer power, Webber rushed down to notify the four surfers who were in the water at the time.

"This thing was definitely hunting, so I told a guy who was just going out that I saw a giant great white out there, and asked him to tell the others.

"One guy came out of the water and he had a cut on his head and it was bleeding, but the others stayed out."

Webber said he had always wanted to see a shark, just not when he was in the water.

"I'm definitely not surfing today and I'll be surfing very close to the rocks from now on," he said.

"It's burnt into my brain. I've always imagined but now I know what it looks like -it was like a missile."