Photo: Anastassia Perets
Photo: Anastassia Perets

Moist atmosphere brings rain and humidity

THE region may miss out on heavy rains over the weekend, but the Bureau of Meteorology predicts some areas will receive showers and storms.

Meteorologist Kimba Wong said there was a reasonable chance of showers and storms tomorrow, Sunday and into next week.

“Thunderstorms might bring healthy rainfall totals,” Ms Wong said.

She said a moist air mass above the region meant some areas might get good falls and others nearby wouldn’t.

Gladstone may miss out on heavy falls which are predicted further south.

“Rain needs all the right ingredients to line up,” she said.

The chance of showers will taper late next week.

Ms Wong said the moist atmosphere would provide humid conditions.

“The max will be about 31C,” she said.

“That’s not particularly hot but the humidity will make it feel warmer.”

Overnight temperatures will be about 24C, which Ms Wong said was slightly warmer than the February average.