RARING TO GO: The three boys of Modern Day Mayhem are ready to pump the crowd Rockhampton.
RARING TO GO: The three boys of Modern Day Mayhem are ready to pump the crowd Rockhampton. Contributed

Modern CQ lads ambitious after band plays with big names

USING sliding doors as mirrors for dance practice and backyards for rehearsal space are normal concepts for central Queensland band Modern Day Mayhem.

The group of three has no help from big-time producers, but since they began in 2012 they have earned their way to enormous heights, playing with the likes of Reece Mastin, Bombs Away, Gosling, Liam Ferrari, The Black Sorrows, Fourtunate and Boy and Bear.

Their next big piece is set to take place at the Justice Crew concert in Rockhampton on Saturday.

"We're very much looking forward to it," said singer/ rapper and songwriter Chris Hoskins, 21.

"We recently performed in Rocky at an under-18 show called Synergy with DJ Kronic. "We loved it…had a great response from the crowd so we're looking forward to going back to Rocky."

While the guys live in regional areas, Joel 'DJ Fluro' Kuhl, 20, in Blackwater, Eddie 'Eddie Boi' Pearson, 22, in Dysart and Chris in Dysart - they still manage a consistent practice schedule.

Chris put it this way: "A lot is an understatement" when it came to rehearsals.

Every Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday and anytime in between when a show is scheduled, the boys are found working on their music and dance routines.

If they had had more of these events back when I was younger - it would have been great.

And though the band's forte is dance / club hip-hop - including experimentation with dubstep and house music - Chris said he has been collaborating with other artists for a year, making numerous tracks from jazz to reggae and hip-hop.

So where exactly did they learn to broaden their musical finesse?

The young singer/ songwriter said living in such a small town proved difficult at times. They didn't study music at school and there wasn't much on offer when it came to musical resources.

"In our spare time we'd introduce ourselves to it. We taught ourselves.

"We had to expand with the music industry in order to stay relevant."

The boys record their stuff through a home studio - something more appealing in this day and age and their experience expands to performances at many festivals including under 18 concerts.

"I personally think it's great," Chris said about the under-age gigs.

"It keeps them in an environment where there's no drugs or alcohol, where they can be watched…and out of trouble.

"If they had had more of these events back when I was younger - it would have been great."

But amid the under 18 shows, Modern Day Mayhem is hoping to become internationally known.

And with their international reputation will come many more performances - some with artists they would only dream of supporting.

Chris said Joel is a massive Avicii fan and would love to open for the DJ/ remixer, while Eddie would elect to open for Guy Sebastian.

As for Chris, when asked who he would perform with, if anyone, there was much laughter.

Stan Walker proved to be one inspiration. "I've been in contact with him and he's liked our fan page - he's so down to earth," Chris said.

But the other artist came as quite the surprise.

"I'd love to perform with Justin Bieber," Chris said, unsure whether to state his answer off-the-record.

He laughed but admitted he was being honest.

"I think he's awesome."


  • Chris "Pretty Boy" Hoskins - Singer / rapper / song Writer
  • Eddie "Eddie Boi" Pearson - Rapper / backing vocals / dancer
  • Joel "DJ Fluro" Kuhl - Live DJ / MC / designer