Pregnancy isn't always a blissful, bump-filled nine months.

In fact, some women suffer a whole bunch of different side effects as a result of carrying their little one for nine months.

From awful morning sickness to crippling back pain and of course, the major change to every expectant woman's body. Having a baby is no walk in the park.

Australia model Belle Lucia has been sharing her pregnancy with fans and has been praised for sharing an honest Instagram photo which shows the "realness" of pregnancy.

The 24-year-old who is due to give birth in two months proudly flaunted her baby bump and displayed her visible veins on her chest as she rocked a skimpy bikini.

In the candid photo the Sydney-based influencer explained to her 1.4 million followers that lines often appear during pregnancy.

Sydney model and influencer Belle Lucia praised for displaying veiny chest in bikini snap. Picture: Instagram/BelleLucia
Sydney model and influencer Belle Lucia praised for displaying veiny chest in bikini snap. Picture: Instagram/BelleLucia

"I know I got a veiny chest. Happens because your blood volume increases by 50 per cent when pregnant and they go away after pregnancy when your blood volume returns," Belle said, adding she has just one more week before she's in her third trimester.

Her raw post instantly garnered hundreds of comments from fellow women who thanked her for not editing her veins and sharing a "real" and "genuine" representation of pregnancy.

"So inspirational, especially that you're not photoshopping and putting makeup over your chest to hide veins or anything of the kind! Natural mom beauty is the best!" one follower said.

"I love how you show and don't edit your veins. You are flawless!!!," added another.

"Those veins ain't here to play!! Hello mama," said a third, while another said she deserved more credit for not airbrushing the image.

Others were inspired to share their "veiny" experiences during pregnancy.

"Yes the veins how can I forget while I was pregnant my husband said I was a she hulk. You look so beautiful Belle," a fellow mother said.

"I also had a very veiny chest during both of my pregnancies. Its one of the first signs of pregnancy. You are pregnancy GOALS!!!" added another.

"This is crazy amazing, I love your tiny lil bump, mine is huge I'm 22 weeks and way bigger but I love all your pics of your progress and the progress of other women so that none of us feel out of place," said another woman.

This isn't the first time that Belle - who now lives in London - has sparked a conversation about body positivity with one of her maternity posts.


Back in April, the model claimed she was forced to delete her ultrasound post as people were being "creepy and rude" about her "tiny" baby bump.

However, Belle quickly hit back at those who shamed her size.

"As you can see, women show very differently but are all carrying a little life," she said in an Instagram story.

"Just because I'm not showing as much as you like doesn't mean my pregnancy is 'unhealthy' or that I'm promoting a 'skinny' pregnancy.

"It's just my body and I can't help it if it doesn't look the same as other women.

"Body shaming is not okay no matter how 'big' or 'small' someone is."


Belle, who is half German, half Portuguese, also shared the "side she never shows" after uploading a video of herself experiencing morning sickness.

"Just so you know pregnancy isn't all daisies and roses, currently locked in a train bathroom violently throwing up."

Sharing her pregnancy journey with her fans, Belle wrote: "I did experience morning sickness, breast pain and definitely a lot of anxiety on the beginning because of the fear of miscarriage - I had no idea how common they were.

"But I've learnt to embrace everything - both the downs and the ups."