MOBILE phone hacks rushing to get their hands on the latest iPhone should think twice before shelling out more than $2000.

The rollout of the latest iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR has sent tech heads into a spin, but experts say signing up to any new phone contract should be thought through carefully.

Telco comparison website WhistleOut found on the entry level iPhone X 64GB and Samsung 64GB models there are huge discrepancies in the cost.

And not having the latest phone isn't the end of the world.

Depending on how much data you chew through each month, iPhone X 64GB plans with 3GB of data the can range in costs from $2400 to $2736 on a two-year contract.

That's a difference of $336.


Consumers are being warned to think carefully before rushing out to buy the new iPhone.
Consumers are being warned to think carefully before rushing out to buy the new iPhone.

WhistleOut's spokesman Kenny McGilvary has warned phone users to be careful before signing up to a phone deal in a mad rush, particularly if it's just to get the latest device.

"The prices of new flagship phones have really ratcheted up in recent years and if you want the latest and greatest device then you'll be paying top dollar for it," he said.

"But if you're happy to go with last year's model instead then you'll be buying a phone that's almost as good for a fraction of the price."

While on phone rival Samsung's 64GB deals, again depending on how much data customers require, deals for 12GB a month start at $69 or $1656 over the life of a two-year contract.

While for an unlimited data plan with the same phone the cost can be up to $4776 over the contract term.

Vodafone's chief commercial officer Ben McIntosh urges phone consumers to do their homework before signing up to any offer.

"Look out for nasty hidden fees, leasing plans which means you're paying off a handset that you'll never own, and most importantly do not sign your life away with a contract," he said.

"Find a flexible provider that will give you generous data inclusions, freedom to move and if you travel regularly make sure you have an affordable roaming option."

Optus head of product management Shawn Van Graan said it's also important to determine what inclusions you need.

"Consider the value included, such as access to entertainment and sport and music streaming that doesn't use your data," he said.

"Another key factor should be the ability to share data across eligible plans on the same bill."