More than 900,000 Queenslanders have a claim to shares of a whopping $160 million trove of unclaimed money. SEARCH YOUR NAME IN THE DATABASE
More than 900,000 Queenslanders have a claim to shares of a whopping $160 million trove of unclaimed money. SEARCH YOUR NAME IN THE DATABASE

Find out if you are you among 900,000 who are owed money

A trove of unclaimed money, held by the government, is growing by the year with more than 900,000 Queensland residents entitled to a portion of the $160 million hoard.


Data obtained by The Courier Mail shows that the Queensland Public Trustee currently is currently holding $162.7 million owed to people by more than 4100 businesses, agencies, individuals and deceased estates, with the entity receiving more than $18 million in unclaimed funds last financial year alone.

Brisbane residents in the 4000 postcode are entitled to the largest portion of that holding, with River City postcodes of 4001, 4006 and 4207 also among the ten suburbs owed the most money.

Approximately $10.8 million is owed to residents of Brisbane postcodes between 4000 and 4029.

"If you've ever changed your name or address, didn't claim money from a real estate, solicitor firm or even lost touch with a loved one that has passed away, there's a chance you may have unclaimed money owing to you, "a spokeswoman for the Public Trustee of Queensland said.

The Public trustee's current holdings comprise some 1.54 million entitlements - more than 900,000 of which are linked to Queensland postcodes and some 232,000 are for sums larger than $100.

The largest of those unclaimed sums is a holding of $419,870.22 from a deceased estate.

A spokeswoman for the Public Trustee said the entity paid out $4.6 million in the 2019/20 financial year across 2,910 claims.

"Many people are both surprised and delighted to find there is money owing to them, so we encourage you to search online and check to see if we can reunite you with some long forgotten funds," the spokeswoman said.

The ten highest amounts of owed money come from seven unclaimed deceased estates, a trust fund account, Firstmac Limited and Wilson HTM investment Group Limited.

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Origin energy was the largest contributor for unclaimed money, with Telstra, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Target Australia also among the top ten highest contributors.

"There is a simple process to locate and claim money, just go to the Public Trustee's website … and enter your details in the unclaimed moneys database

"If you find money you think is owing to you, download the claim form and follow the lodgement steps required."

Originally published as Missing Millions: Are you one of 900,000 Qlders owed money?