Decide what you want: Miriam Vale given ultimatum

MIRIAM Vale residents have until June 30 to decide if they want their main street beautified.

The streetscaping project has been stalled for 14 months following objections from the community, largely based on a lack of council consultation.

So far $300,000 has been spent on the design stages of the project.

The total budget is $5 million.


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Construction works were set to begin next month, but the work has been pushed back again after a petition was tabled with 195 signatures on it.

The petition, presented by Miriam Vale resident and Lions Club president Larry Halbert called for more consultation, and a smaller budget, on the redevelopment of Alf Larson and Lions Park.

"…whilst the community supports a redevelopment of the park in Blomfield St it believes there are more cost- effective methods to obtain the end goal, and seeks more community consultation before the existing plan is enacted," the petition states.

But in the council meeting this week, the community of Miriam Vale was delivered an ultimatum - tell us what you want before June 30, or the project will be scrapped.

"Let's place the onus on the community," Mayor Gail Sellers said.

"Write to us and tell us what you want.

"If (the community can't come to an agreement with the council) then we will put the money back into the budget."

But Deputy Mayor Matt Burnett said work should start on April 26 as planned because the hold up was due to a minority.

"I don't support withdrawing from this project," Cr Burnett said.

"Most of the community support it. Let's leave the Lions Club where they are if they don't want to move.

"It's a vocal minority stopping a fantastic project," he said.