THREE children had a miraculous escape after they suffered an electric shock while swimming in a pool in Florida.

Security footage released by police shows the youngsters paralysed by a current running through the water at an apartment complex in Hialeah.

Several people are shown in the pool when one little girl's body freezes after she grabs the handrail to leave the water.

Her shocked father leaps up from the steps to drag her to safety, receiving a shock himself in the process.

But another little girl remains frozen in the pool on the other side of the railing.

She is rescued by her grandfather, who also receives a shock.

A boy, who is not shown in the video, also suffered an electric shock.

All three children survived after being treated in hospital, following the incident on 27 April.

A preliminary investigation revealed that unconnected ground wires in the pool pump house had caused the water to been electrically charged, CBS Miami reported. This was despite the pool having passed two health department inspections last year.

Electricity causes the muscles to contract, making the body freeze and preventing the victim from disconnecting themselves from the circuit.

The pool has since been drained and closed.