Minority cause problems for taxis

GLADSTONE passengers are a fairly well-behaved bunch, Blue and White Taxi director chairman Allan Rowe said.

This comes after The Observer heard reports of female taxi drivers being harassed by drunken male fares.

While Mr Rowe said the vast majority of the taxi company's customers were no problem, there was a minority who caused trouble.

"There are some (men) who make it very awkward for our lady drivers," he said.

Mr Rowe said any mistreatment of his staff would not be tolerated.

"We have to protect our own," he said.

"If there are any serious charges to be laid, we have no reservations about going the whole hog."

If anything, young women give the taxi drivers the most grief.

"Some of our real tyrants are our young ladies," Mr Rowe said.

"What gets up some of the drivers' noses is they're noisy and obnoxious.

"And how they swear!

"It's worse than the fellas.

"One of our male drivers even asked a fare to get out because they wouldn't stop swearing."

Mr Rowe said he was preparing for yesterday's post-Melbourne Cup crowd to create some drama.