‘Minor scratch’ tops Fraser Island dingo incident list

A VISITOR to Fraser Island received a minor scratch during an interaction with a dingo in what was the most serious of 10 incidents involving the animals on the island during the school holidays.

High numbers of visitors to the island contributed to the number of incidents involving dingoes more than doubling in comparison to last year, with four incidents reported during the same period last year.

The scratch was the only injury recorded by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

"In the other interactions, the dingoes were reported to be unwary of humans and displaying behaviour which included following people, growling and snarling, as well as dominance testing," a spokeswoman said.

"In five of the reported interactions, the animals were also seen loitering around campsites before the threatening actions took place."

The spokeswoman said visitors had been advised to be aware of increased dingo activity.