KAP MP Shane Knuth has spoken out against four-year terms.
KAP MP Shane Knuth has spoken out against four-year terms.

Minor parties launch ‘No’ campaign on four year terms

AN ALLIANCE of minor parties has stood together to launch its campaign against extending Queensland parliamentary terms.

Queensland's two Katter's Australian Party MPs as well as representatives from parties including Family First, Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party and the Democratic Labour Party called on voters to reject fixed four-year terms at the upcoming referendum.

But Queensland's major parties are campaigning in favour of four-year terms - which will be voted on the March 19 council election day.

Speaking at the No Campaign launch, KAP MP Shane Knuth said longer terms would mean governments were not as accountable.

"What we have seen in the past (is) the Newman and Bligh government(s) using their majority to smash through legislation, treating the people of Queensland with utter contempt.

"Queensland voted and kicked the Bligh government out with a massive majority, and they did the same for the Newman government."

When issuing the writs for the referendum, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said four-year terms would deliver more certainty for businesses.

"We believe that four-year fixed terms will bring certainty. It will save taxpayers money on the number of elections," she said.

Similarly, Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said existing terms did not do enough to allow governments to plan for the long term.

Family First spokesman and former LNP MP Sean Holswich said without an upper house, Queensland needed other ways to keep politicians accountable.

"Queensland is unique, as it only has one house of parliament. The ALP has come out recently to tell us we need to fall in line with other states," he said.

"If we are to truly fall in line with other states, we should be restoring an upper house before we move to four-year terms." - ARM NEWSDESK