Mine responds to claims of increased dust in CQ town

BLUFF PCI management has responded to community complaints of increased dust in the small Central Queensland town since the mine commenced operations.

A spokesman said since commencement of development in December 2018, Bluff PCI Management had operated in full compliance of the strict conditions of the Environmental Authority (EA), and worked closely with the Department of Environment and Science (DES).

"Despite dust levels being well within our limits, Bluff PCI Management still recognises that our operations do have an impact on the community," he said.

The mining project is located in the Central Highlands. Picture: Tara Miko
The mining project is located in the Central Highlands. Picture: Tara Miko

To mitigate its impact, Bluff PCI Management employs a number of dust suppression measures as part of its air quality management plan:

•Proactive dust suppression activities including multiple water carts

•Operational control including proactive changes to operation to prevent excess dust release from site

•Minimising onsite vehicle movements

•Minimising areas of disturbance to only that necessary for operations

•Revegetation of exposed areas at the earliest possible opportunity

•Maintaining existing vegetation around the site's perimeter; and

•Real-time monitoring of weather, Total Suspended Particulates (TSP), PM10 and depositional dust.

The team encourages Bluff residents to call its 24/7 Community Hotline on 1300 648 960 if they have any issues around air quality.

"Every concern raised with this hotline is immediately communicated, investigated, reported on and closed out by our team, and this is the best way for us to understand issues that the community may be experiencing," the spokesman said.

"All contacts through our hotline are also provided to DES as part of our EA reporting requirements."