Lake Awoonga / Awonga Dam. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Lake Awoonga / Awonga Dam. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA010116ADAM

MILESTONE: $34m water facility connects to Awoonga Dam

A MAJOR milestone was achieved at the new $34million Offline Water Storage Facility on Tuesday, with the facility successfully connected to the Awoonga Dam water supply and the water system that feeds the Gladstone area.

Gladstone Area Water Board chief executive officer Darren Barlow said the works were the result of months of planning and kept the project on track for an October testing and commissioning.

"Tuesday's connection to the Gladstone area or Awoonga Dam water supply system required us to shut down our raw water network for a period of nine hours," Mr Barlow said.

"The 1100ML facility can now be filled from Lake Awoonga and maintained at a nearly full capacity ready for use, which is approximately two weeks' water supply to the region."

Mr Barlow said the Offline Water Storage Facility, when completed, would allow maintenance works at the station to be undertaken and provide additional resiliency during storm season.

"Much of the mechanical equipment at Lake Awoonga is over 25 years old and will require longer periods of time offline for inspection and maintenance in the coming years," Mr Barlow said.

"The Offline Water Storage Facility will provide Gladstone with an independent supply of water, allowing us to take Awoonga Dam out of service to conduct those works."