Gary Jalass is this week's Monday Male.
Gary Jalass is this week's Monday Male. Tegan Annett

Mild-mannered bloke turns into roller derby rampager

GARRY Jalass has an alter-ego. The roller derby player is well-known among the Gladstone team, GPRD, as Trembler.

His nickname hails from his other love, fishing.

"I needed to find a roller derby name, and at the time I came second in a fishing competition, so I used the name of the lure I was using," he explained.

Over the weekend he took part in the Gladstone Roller Derby Epic Scrim, but unfortunately could not play or referee on Sunday because of an injury.

"Roller derby is a full contact sport," he said. "But the rules are in place to make it safe."

Since 2010 he has played the "full-on" sport, and for the past 18 months he has helped referee scrim meets.

He was even able to encourage his wife, Wendy, to put her skates on and head into the rink.

"She got sick of sitting on the sidelines."

When he is not training at the Gladstone PCYC, Garry is either working or in Hervey Bay. The 31-year-old is a fitter and turner at Cement Australia, working a five-day-on, five-day-off shift.

"I enjoy it. I go back home to Hervey Bay on my days off. I love the water and being near the ocean."

He is working on starting a second roller derby league at Hervey Bay, hoping to create a little more competition in the town.

The Gladstone roller derby team meets on Tuesdays at 6pm and on Sundays from noon at the Gladstone PCYC.

Garry said "fresh meat" should go along on Sundays.