Three humpback whales off Heron Island.
Three humpback whales off Heron Island. Contributed

Migrating whales spotted off Heron Island

ONE tourist has had a lucky sighting of three humpback whales off Heron Island.

The picture from recent guest Mark Tissot was posted on the island's Facebook page.

"Wow, what a sight,” the post reads.

The post had garnered 554 reactions and 24 shares since it was published yesterday.

The three whales were just beyond the island's wreck and were swimming north as part of their annual migration.

Around this time of year, humpback whales migrate from cold Antarctic waters to a warmer, tropical location in the Pacific Ocean.

It is there the whales breed and calves are born.

By springtime the whales migrate back to Antarctica.

Humpback whales travel 25,000km each year - one of the longest journeys conducted by any mammal on Earth.

Visitors to Heron Island are able to witness the migration of humpback whales from June to September each year.