Ebony Young, baby Olivia Piper and Zoe Ryan tap into their business BornOnline.
Ebony Young, baby Olivia Piper and Zoe Ryan tap into their business BornOnline. John Gass

Midwife tells mums-to-be to burst the bubble, but stay alert

YOU can't live in a bubble during pregnancy, but midwife Zoe Ryan thinks there is some merit in being aware of possible environmental risks.

Ms Ryan, who is a part of an online antenatal business, was responding to research released by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Research suggests that mums-to-be need to avoid a range of everyday items such as plastic containers, sunscreen and non-stick fry pans to minimise health problems.

"Care with any chemical whilst pregnant should be taken, if not avoided," Ms Ryan, of BornOnline, said.

"Some chemicals are teratogens, which are substances that can cause birth defects, but obviously it depends on how exposed and how often you are exposed to these chemicals for them to have this effect.

"You can't be expected to live in a sterile bubble throughout your pregnancy, but it does make sense to think about how you can protect your developing baby from dangerous chemicals.

"In general, pregnant women should always wear gloves when dealing with household chemicals: don't use pesticides, don't use products in aerosol cans, don't use oil-based paint and drink out of a BPA-free drink bottle."

As a 'general rule", Ms Ryan said she recommended pregnant mums to exercise common sense.

"All first time mums-to-be are anxious," she said.

"Anxious about doing everything right for her and her baby.

"We advise to have minimal contact with any chemicals during pregnancy as a general rule."