The Brisbane vet was found to be negligent or incompetent in the death of two dogs. (File picture)
The Brisbane vet was found to be negligent or incompetent in the death of two dogs. (File picture)

Vet reprimanded over dog deaths

A BRISBANE veterinary surgeon has been publicly reprimanded over his treatment of two dogs that died and poor record-keeping in relation to five other dogs that came to his surgery.

Michael Auld was found to have been negligent or incompetent in relation to the dogs that died.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found he had failed to investigate the reason for the onset of anorexia and vomiting in one dog, or recognise that the dog's condition of diabetic ketoacidosis was a medical emergency.

In the case of the other dog that died, Dr Auld failed to perform an ultrasound or radiograph to determine whether the dog was ready to whelp, a tribunal heard.

Veterinarians are required to keep records from each consultation, showing such details as the animal's condition or injury, diagnosis, examination procedures, tests and treatment.

Dr Auld admitted that he or his staff failed to comply with the requirements in respect of five dogs in 2012, QCAT heard.

One dog attended his surgery on four occasions, but its temperature was only recorded once and other records about weight, heart rate, condition and treatment were inadequate.

There were inadequate records for a dog that was twice kept in the surgery for two days and that presented on three further occasions.

In relation to another dog that attended the surgery on a number of occasions, its weight and temperature were not recorded on two occasions and there was no anaesthetic record for surgery.

A dog's weight was not recorded on one occasion and another dog's weight, temperature, body score, heart and respiration rates were inadequate.

QCAT was told the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland's inspections had sometimes found Dr Auld's premises below standard.

The Board told the tribunal of two previous professional misconduct findings against Dr Auld.

Earlier this year Dr Auld gave undertakings to the Board to sell or close his veterinary practice and only ever work as an employee under supervision of a registered veterinary surgeon.

The supervision will cover patient selection, diagnoses, recommendations and treatment provided, surgery and post-operative care.

Dr Auld will have to provide six-monthly reports of his supervision whenever he is working.

On December 4, the tribunal also ordered Dr Auld to pay the Board $40,000 for its costs in bringing the disciplinary action.