ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Ice was the hidden ingredient in ornament
ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Ice was the hidden ingredient in ornament Scott Powick

Meth was the 'elephant in the room'

THE elephant in the room was an ornament containing a small amount of amphetamine, when police visited Neil Allan Lightfoot on March 19, Gympie Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

Lightfoot, 45, pleaded guilty to possessing meth amphetamine and to two separate charges of allowing a minor to play a gaming machine at a Gympie hotel, on May 18 and 21.

The court was told Tactical Crime squad police found "less than one gram of crystal inside an ornamental elephant" when they exercised a warrant at Lightfoot's address.

The gaming charges followed a hotel attendant noticing a teenage girl in Lightfoot's company playing the pokies.

Security video checks showed those incidents on May 18 and 21.

Lightfoot's lawyer said Lightfoot had been diagnosed about 12 months ago as schizophrenic and had "self medicated with illicit drugs."

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said Lightfoot had been ordered last October to serve a suspended sentence for offences including drug possession and had been granted immediate parole.

He accepted Lightfoot's unchallenged claim he had forgotten about the small amount of drug material in the elephant and fined him a total of $700.