It's often hard to tell what PM is trying to do

TONY. TONY. TONY. Shirtfronting? Really?

Bless his cotton socks and red swimming jocks! He (being our Prime Minister Tony Abbott) does try, doesn't he?

It's just half the time the rest of us just don't quite understand what it is he is TRYING to achieve.

Especially when he says he's going to shirtfront Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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He earned a bit of cred (and a few extra Newspoll points) for the way he stood up for the Aussies killed in the MH17 crash, but this is just taking things a wee bit too far.

Look, I am all for challenging the big guys and calling them to account.

 And in no way should we be intimidated into curtailing our Aussie spirit and rat-bag reputation - it's what made us what we are today.

But, as we have seen time and again with our dear, esteemed PM, time and place, his forte ain't.

Gaff after faux pas, wink after nudge. Here is a bloke who just cannot seem to get it right.

And what results is an eclipsing of what should otherwise be a pretty big deal.

Let's face it though. Be honest.

Who among you - my dear readers - really gives a rip about the G20?

That's not to say it's not important. But in my time as a newspaper editor one thing I have learned is this: what's important and what people actually care about are not always one and the same.

Far from it, I'd offer. But there is a better than even chance you've had something to say - even a quip or a backhanded grunt of exasperation - about Mr Abbott's Putin promise.

As a media consumer, I am keen to hear what comes out of this summit.

I'd love to see a new world view on the big stuff - Ebola, terrorism, trade - but I'm realistic enough to also know we're unlikely to see a monumental shift … in anything!

But I think, for now, I'm just going to have to settle for the fact that (and don't laugh please!) as of this week, and thanks to our PM, I have learned something.

I now know what shirt-fronting is. So too, my kids! I guess I had a sheltered upbringing.

But at least I have learnt something from our internationally recognised (for plenty of "right" but not all the right reasons) PM.