The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG doesn't need a cape, it has wings

THIS week's blog is on a beautiful 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coated in a stunning Mystic White.

Sitting underneath the almost two-metre long bonnet sits a 6.3-litre, 32-valve eight-cylinder engine which can produce up to 420 kilowatts (563 horsepower) at 6800rpm and 649 Newton metres of torque (479 pound-feet of torque) at 4750rpm.



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Jesse See.

This engine has a displacement of 6208 cc, which actually classes the engine as a 6.2-litre as it is closer to 6200cc than 6300cc. Despite this, Mercedes-Benz still claims that the engine is a 6.3-litre.


Connected to that mighty engine is a six-speed automated manual transmission that sends all the power to the rear wheels. This combined with the limited-slip rear differential allows the SLS AMG to get extremely sideways!

Also, this particular Mercedes has a kerb weight of 1621 kilograms (3573 pounds).

All of this allows the SLS AMG to launch from 0-100 kilometres per hour (0-62 miles per hour) in 3.8 seconds, and it will keep accelerating until it reaches its top speed of 317 kilometres per hour (197 miles per hour).

Back in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show when this car was launched, Mercedes-Benz themselves claimed that the 6.3 litre V8 in the SLS was the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the world! It didn't hold the title for long, as the $2,500,000 Aston Martin One-77 took over the title shortly after with its 559 kilowatt (750 horsepower) naturally aspirated V12 engine.

The doors on this SLS are unlike any other modern supercar currently made, as instead of swinging out they soar up into the sky, gullwing style.

Since this car is a modern interpretation of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, they decided that the most appropriate thing to do was make the SLS have the same "gullwing" doors as its predecessor.

Some other features that this particular Mercedes is equipped with includes 20-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in performance tyres, variable intermittent rain sensing wipers, four-wheel ABS as well as traction and stability control, xenon headlights with daytime running LEDs, emergency braking preparation and assist, electronic brake force distribution, an engine immobiliser, a pre-collision safety system, a red/black leather interior with front sport seats, alcantara strips on the steering wheel, carbon fibre interior trim, a satellite navigation system and much more.

You can currently buy a 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for about $320,000.

Jesse See is a teenage car enthusiast. His blogs and website can be found at

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.