Jason Sangha has mentored Jason Sangha.
Jason Sangha has mentored Jason Sangha.

Mentor Root: ‘He could come back to haunt me’

Joe Root has had a close look at the future of Australian cricket and he's worried about what he's just seen.

The Australian team might be plunging headfirst towards rock bottom against India but England's Test skipper fears his Ashes rivals are about to bounce back stronger than ever with a new generation of emerging stars.

After spending the past month behind enemy lines playing for the Sydney Thunder, Root has been blown away by the quality of Australian players coming through the ranks, particularly his Thunder teammate Jason Sangha.


Root has been mentoring the Australian teenager during his brief stint in the Big Bash but already thinks he might regret helping him out.

"I think he could be someone to come back to haunt me as the England captain in the future," Root told The Daily Telegraph.

Root isn't under any obligations to help nurture Australia's next generation but said he wanted to give something back to the Thunder for signing him up, even if it did mean giving a leg up to England's Ashes adversary.

"It's so easy just to look after your own game but I just wanted to try and give as much information as possible that might be useful to them," Root said.

"There are some really exciting young players that are learning very, very quickly and are very bright prospects for Australian cricket."

Sangha has long been anointed as a future international and while Root is mindful of not wanting to heap any extra pressure on him, he has become a true believer.

He first saw Sangha's incredible potential when the then 18-year-old scored his maiden first-class century against the touring Englishmen in 2017 and has been even more impressed after playing alongside him at the Thunder.


Jason Sangha
Jason Sangha


"I think he's fully deserving of all the plaudits and the big tags put on him but his biggest challenge moving forward will be to live up to that," Root said.

"He's a very talented young player and he's going to have to understand that people will expect big things from him but he's also got to realise that as a young guy learning the game, he's not going to get it right every time.

"In saying that, it's really good to see him go about his business, he's a got a great work ethic, he's very keen to learn and obviously has great ability so when you've got all that then you're looking at someone who could potentially be a really good player."


Jason Sangha earned high praise from Joe Root. Picture: Phil Hillyard
Jason Sangha earned high praise from Joe Root. Picture: Phil Hillyard


The admiration has been mutual. Before Root arrived in Sydney, Sangha had already hatched planned to pick his brains but didn't expect him to be so generous with his time and advice.

"He's obviously an amazing player but he's also just a really good person," Sangha said.

"There's just nothing he isn't willing to help with, whether it's something technical to do with cricket or just chatting about things outside of the game. I've learnt a lot from him."