Mental health group calls for 10-year action plan

MORE accountability for mental health funding programs was essential to know whether the spending was delivering results, a key mental health group told the Abbott government.

A submission to the government's review of the nation's mental health services system by Mental Health Australia has called for a 10-year action plan.

MHA chief executive Frank Quinlan said the plan should ensure that people do not become "so ill they have to go to hospital".

He also feared the review could reach findings similar "to the many reviews that have gone before".

Mr Quinlan said although funding was essential, clear accountability of money expenditure and service delivery was also needed.

He said the public needed to know who was responsible for what, and the Commonwealth needed to help negotiate agreed targets to measure successes.

"Indeed, if we are to avoid the failings and disappointed hopes of previous reviews this must be just the beginning of a decade-long reform process," Mr Quinlan said.