SHARED RESPECT: Members of the Biloela RSL-sub branch.
SHARED RESPECT: Members of the Biloela RSL-sub branch.

Members don't forget them

VIETNAM Veterans Day was held in Biloela last Sunday to commemorate and pay tribute to diggers from the Vietnam war.

Starting at 3.20pm sharp, Biloela RSL-sub branch president John Rathjen said he was satisified with how the service went and the attendance numbers.

"We are happy with the crowd, it was situation normal,” Mr Rathjen said.

"On a Sunday afternoon like this, I'm sure people can think of lots of other things to be doing but the Vietnam Veterans Day is a commemoration day on our commemoration calendar.

"It's our duty as an RSL-sub branch to honour the diggers who went overseas.”

It wasn't a surprise for Rathjen to have the majority of the crowd in Biloela being from or somehow related to the RSL.

"Anzac Day is a bit more poignant where we get the schools involved with speeches and the whole community gets more involved,” Mr Rathjen said.

"Vietnam Veterans Day is more private.

"It's more for the blokes who were there and for the people who knew they were there and why they were there.”

Local musician Ashley Cook performed before the service.

"Ashley Cook came in and sang a piece he's recorded, called the Southern Cross, which is relevant to Anzac Day, Remembrance Day or today,” Mr Rathjen said.

"In my speech I was talking about blokes in the 6th division coming back to Australia from the Middle-East who were out on the deck of the boat looking for the Southern Cross.

"Diggers look for those things, something simple.”