Sorry your majesty  Image: Netflix
Sorry your majesty Image: Netflix

Meghan Markle’s sex scenes going gangbusters on PornHub

A new study has found the sexiest TV shows to get your pulse racing and Meghan Markle is a clear favourite.

The old saying really does ring true - the more you're not allowed to have something, the more you want it. The same can be said for the top-secret lives of the royals. The more we're not allowed to know about them, the more hellbent we become on digging up every sordid detail.

When Meghan Markle became a royal, life was suddenly very different. She had to dress modestly, attend important functions and delete any sign of a social life (goodbye IG). Unluckily for her, there's one thing she couldn't erase and that's her acting history - once it's on film, it's forever baby.

Thanks for the memories Netflix!
Thanks for the memories Netflix!

The internet never forgets and as it turns out, any and all sex scenes featuring Meghan Markle (most of them from Suits) are experiencing a resurgence in views from none other than PornHub.

What legends discovered this information? The good folks at commissioned a study (in the name of science) to find out which TV shows really got our pulses racing. After all, social distancing has pretty much killed any chance we have at real life raunchiness, so we have to get our kicks where we can.

Basically, the study would show participants a sexy scene and measure their heart rates in beats per minute (BPM) in response to the clip.

The hottest show by far was Orange Is The New Black which scored a whopping 101 BPM (the only show to score over 100). In second place was Shameless, which ranked number 1 in Netflix's horniest shows - we see a pattern emerging here. Third was Game Of Thrones, followed by Normal People (swoon Connell's chain) and Suits which both scored 93 BPM.

Outlander, Sex Education, Girls and You also made the cut. No study is complete without one baffling result, which probably explains why Dexter (the show about a psychopath who murders people) was somehow on the list. Sure there's a few bare bums but for the most part, homicide isn't particularly sexy. Each to their own, I suppose.

Over on PornHub, Game Of Thrones is the most popular TV show with over 11 million views on a compilation video. If you want to jump straight to the clips, we've compiled 9 of the hottest sex scenes for you, here.

The Queen will also be pleased to know that Meghan Markle's sex scenes are going gangbusters over on PornHub. Her raunchy scenes in Suits have garnered 334,000 views on the esteemed site. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the scene of her and Mike doing it in the file room will go down in cinematic history.

So if you're looking to make your next Netflix binge worth your time, you should be adding all the aforementioned shows to your queue. Or if you're just looking for Meghan Markle's best scenes, you know where to go.