ANDY Brodersen picks up 25 bags of rubbish every week in Collingwood Park and insists Ipswich needs to adopt tougher littering fines like Singapore to keep the city pristine.

Mr Brodersen said he "loves Ipswich" and he wanted to see that love reciprocated by his fellow citizens.

Which is why he is calling on the Ipswich City Council to up its fine for general littering from $220 to $5000.

"Every morning I walk in Collingwood Park and I pick up rubbish, and I collect about 25 full bags a week," he said.

"One day this week I picked up 10 full bags. 

"I have done it for a couple of years and the reason I do is because I love Ipswich and I want to see it become a clean city.

"Our current laws for fining people for littering don't work.

"People chuck out rubbish from their cars every single day.

Andy Brodersen (right) and Ron Baginski pick up litter in the Collingwood Park area.
Andy Brodersen (right) and Ron Baginski pick up litter in the Collingwood Park area. Rob Williams

"I would like us to have a clean city like Singapore, where I have been many times and where people are proud of how clean their city is.

"If we can fine two or three people $5000 they will not throw rubbish away.

"Now a days lots of people have cameras in their cars so we need to give people an incentive to help us.

"If the fine is $5000 we can give the people taking the photos $3000 and the other $2000 could go to something else, while guaranteeing them their names will not go to the offenders."

Mr Brodersen picks up rubbish as part of a Lions Club initiative with fellow member and Ipswich resident Ron Baginski.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said litterbugs needed to "start caring for our city" and agreed with Mr Brodersen that the council needed to up the ante on penalties and get community help to catch culprits.

"I want to see penalties that reflect the crime," he said.

"In Singapore you don't see littering, and someone told me that they chop your hands off over there if you do.

"I'd like to see a heavier fine and also a punishment that includes a couple of months picking up papers.

"People can start taking photos and shaming people on Facebook. Shaming people for hurting their city is probably better than a fine."

Cr Pisasale said people like Mr Brodersen were worth their weight in gold.

"I love driving to work early and seeing Andy every day picking up papers," he said.

"It makes me feel very humbled as mayor when I see people care for their city so much like he does."