BANK ON IT: The Capricornian Bank's new manager Mark Lems.
BANK ON IT: The Capricornian Bank's new manager Mark Lems. Mike Richards GLA201018MARK

Meet the long term local keen to make his mark in banking

THERE'S been a change at The Capricornian's Gladstone office with long term resident Mark Lems recent appointment as branch manager.

Mr Lems admits change is something he has dealt with all his life and he's looking forward the challenges of his new role.

"I've had lots of banking experience through having my own business and dealing with people over the years," he said.

"I also know what it's like to deal with banks from the other side of the counter."

Mr Lems may be a fresh face at The Capricornian but he has lived in Gladstone since he was 16 and has an extensive local contact list.

"I came to Gladstone halfway through Year 11," he said.

"I've owned my own business and run others over the years.

"I've also been involved with various community groups and sporting clubs too."

He believes his skills and experiences will stand him in good stead in his new position.

"I'm committed to ensuring The Capricornian continues and increases it's involvement in this community," he said.

"The benefits of having a community owned financial institution is a percentage of profits goes back into the community."

He adds keeping up with the changes in banking over the years has been something he has enjoyed.

"I grew up with the cash economy, when you were paid in cash and used cash to pay for everything," Mr Lems said.

"Today there's electronic banking and apps now, just about everything can be done from your phone.

"It's something I like doing, because I've always been a bit of a tech junkie."

Mr Lems believes he's a good fit for The Capricornian.

"I'm new the role and and keen to bring a fresh set of eyes and way of thinking to the organisation," he said.

"Plus we offer everything the big banks have but with personalised service, you're not just another number.

"Our staff know most of our customers by name when they walk through the door."

Does he have any plans for the near future?

"There aren't any immediate changes on the horizon," Mr Lems said.

"Not just yet."