HAPPY COUPLE: Robbie Katter and his new fiance, USC graduate Daisy Hatfield.
HAPPY COUPLE: Robbie Katter and his new fiance, USC graduate Daisy Hatfield. Facebook

Meet the Coast graduate who stole Katter’s heart

SHE'S A former Coast uni student who's landed one of the state's most eligible bachelors.

At 39, Robbie Katter - a promising footballer-turned-politician who, along with a select few, wields the power in a paper-thin State Government - has resigned from his role as poster boy for country bachelors.

At 26, Daisy Hatfield - a University of the Sunshine Coast graduate, ex-WIN News reporter and current ABC rural reporter- now finds herself the first lady of Mt Isa.


LOVED UP: Daisy Hatfield and Robbie Katter MP.
LOVED UP: Daisy Hatfield and Robbie Katter MP. Facebook

Mr Katter has contended with the long Akubra-shaped shadow cast by his larger-than-life Federal MP father Bob Katter but he's convinced Ms Hatfield to settle into life on the land.

Let's start at the beginning. How and when did you meet Robbie and was it an instant connection?

DH: We first met in 2014 when I was working in Townsville as a reporter for WIN News. In the lead-up to the state election I was sent out to interview Robbie about asset sales. Yes, it was an instant attraction which was surprising because prior to our first encounter 'Robbie Katter' had never been a part of my vocabulary, I had no idea who he was. I actually thought I had been sent out to interview Bob Katter, instead I was confronted with a young buck. I still remember turning to my cameraman and saying "he's so handsome".

Tell us the journey of how you ended up studying on the Coast and eventually landing in Mt Isa, engaged to a Katter?

DH: Having finished school in Brisbane I was fairly eager to leave the city. I've always loved the Sunshine Coast and I thought the University of the Sunshine Coast really did have the 'best of both worlds'. I never thought I would live in Townsville and I never thought I would eventually move even further north to the 'wild west'. But growing up as a kid I loved nothing more than sitting around the family dinner table with my three older brothers, listening to my parents' adventures in The Kimberley, so I think I've always grown up with a big sense of wonder for adventure in the Australian Outback.

Did you have any reservations, as a journo and given his high profile, about getting involved?

DH: Yes, of course.

What's life like in Mount Isa? It's a far cry from the Coast, do you miss the Coast and do you try and get back here regularly?

DH: Living in Mount Isa has been incredible, there's something special about small towns in the middle of nowhere. everyone has a really strong sense of community. Sometimes I can't believe how naive I was to think that growing up in Kingaroy was so 'isolated' and so 'country'. I do try to come back to the Coast as often as I can. Mum and Dad live in Noosa now so I try not to stay away for too long.


Jack Hatfield, Bridie Dunn, Daisy Hatfield and Adam Hatfield.
Photo: Aiden Burgess / South Burnett Times
COUNTRY GIRL: Daisy Hatfield (third from left) at the country races a few years back. Aiden Burgess

Do you have a 'Bob Katter Hat'?

DH: Well it's not as fancy as Bob's but yes, I do.

What's it like when the big man is in town? Do you get a word in around the dining table or does Bob dominate discussion?

DH: It is true Bob's stories run longer than the entire Star Wars series. But, he's such a gentleman and such a pleasure to be in the company of, he lights up any room he walks into.

What's the future hold for you and Robbie?

DH: I'm not too sure, I would LOVE to do some more outback travel so who knows, start an outback travel show!

What's it like dating a politician? Do you guys find yourselves spending a lot of time apart? How do you overcome the challenges of both your schedules?

DH: We do spend a great deal apart, but that's okay, I've never really known it any different. It makes it exciting when we see each other again and it gives me a good balance in my life to do my own thing. We still speak to each other every single day.

What's something most people wouldn't know about you and Robbie?

DH: For some reason I had this idea that he was a bit of a 'bachelor' after what I had read in the media ha! So I was initially really cautious. But the opposite couldn't be more true he's very, very selfless and caring. As for the both of us, we're not perfect and our relationship isn't either - but I wouldn't have it any other way and I wouldn't want to be marrying anyone else.

I better let this out of the bag too, for my old co-workers at WIN in Townsville those flowers that kept being delivered at work weren't from my grandmother, mother, father, brother, friend, dog, cow, cat or goat... they were all coming in from Robbie.