MEET THE CANDIDATES: Greens Emma Eastaughffe

THE Greens candidate for Gladstone has plans to make the Port City the home to a thriving green steel industry that would create 15,000 local jobs in the next five years.

Emma Eastaughffe said she was running for the State seat to help deliver more for the ordinary people and less for corporations.

Ms Eastaughffe said prior to the “era of Labor and LNP privatisation” Queensland had a proud history of publicly-owned manufacturing enterprises.

“Unfortunately, over the past 40 years, the major parties have gutted our publicly-owned enterprises to benefit their corporate donors, while short-changing workers every step of the way,” Ms Eastaughffe said.


“The Greens have a plan to revive local manufacturing and bring jobs back to Central Queensland.

“We will invest in publicly-owned renewable energy and begin production of a green steel manufacturing plant in Gladstone that will create 15,000 good, secure jobs over the next five years.

“By doing so, we will tackle the two major challenges of our time – the economic crisis, brought on by COVID-19, and the climate crisis that is destroying our environment and way of life.”

Ms Eastaughffe said family was important to her and she was inspired by her mum.

“I want to make sure that people and families all across Gladstone have access to a good and decent life,” she said.

“By making big mining corporations, banks and developers pay their fair share in taxes, we can invest in social housing to make sure everyone has access to a comfortable home, provide free health care with more doctors, nurses and bulk-billed GP clinics, and fully fund our schools with more teachers, smaller class sizes and no more fees.”

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