Independent candidate for Callide Loris Doessel.
Independent candidate for Callide Loris Doessel.

MEET THE CANDIDATES: Callide’s Loris Doessel

AN INDEPENDENT candidate in the upcoming State Election wants Callide's vote if the community is looking for someone who will care and represent the people.

Loris Doessel was born in New South Wales but has been a Mundubbera local for 42 years after she married a farmer.

Ms Doessel has three sons and previously worked as a school administration officer and farmer.

It is her political experience which may prove the difference on voting day, as Ms Doessel has eight years' experience on the Mundubbera Shire Council and a further seven years in community service fields.

She made the snap decision to run for the Member of Callide position just last week, after she reflected on the lack of assisted voluntary dying legislation in the state.

"I have been working through the system to get legalisation of voluntary assisted dying," Ms Doessel said.

"I have gone to two inquiry sittings; three party meetings and I have a motion up to get it legalised and it has all been ignored.

"So, since no one would take any notice of 80 per cent of the community I thought 'well I can't vote for that bloke, so I'll have to stand and vote for me'."

While voluntary assisted dying took the mantle as the issue which Ms Doessel felt most passionate about, roads and transport and decentralisation of the health system was high on the list too.

"There's some roads and bridges that need major work so there can be alternate routes, so there can be some way of getting from one place to another during a natural disaster," she said.

"It is just ridiculous as far as the aged care system and hospitals in Queensland go.

"There was an announcement yesterday by the Premier about trialling new centres, so people don't have to travel that far in southeast Queensland, but what about where it matters in Central Queensland?"

Ms Doessel said she had a lot of experience in community and governance issues.

"I have a broad spectrum of knowledge and a broad spectrum of concern for people," she said.