MEET THE CANDIDATES: Callide’s Adam Burling

A 47-YEAR-OLD father of four is set to contest the seat of Callide in the 2020 Queensland State Government election.

Adam Burling will vie for the region's vote on polling day, having lived in Biloela for nine years after growing up in Longreach.

Mr Burling said his inspiration behind starting a career in politics was the fact he was an outgoing people's person.

"I really enjoy talking to and being around people, building a rapport with someone is important to me," he said.

"I just felt like I could represent people well as well, I enjoy being part of community groups and having different roles in the Biloela region."

Mr Burling said he felt his candidacy for the seat of Callide was a next step for him, after working in coal mines for years.

"I was disappointed to see the lack of representation coming into this election," he said.

"The Katter Party and One Nation, who collected 39 per cent of the primary vote in the last state election aren't running.
"So I just thought that left a big hole in what people want for the Callide electorate, so I thought I would put my name forward and fill that hole."

Having a rural background, Mr Burling said he did not agree with the current set of Queensland vegetation laws.

"I see the pain they are causing graziers both around this region and further west where I am from," he said.

"That is something I feel strongly about, graziers aren't being listened to and that is a kick in the pants for them."

Being a coal miner, Mr Burling helped supply the local power station and said the State Government was trying to bring forward its closure date.

"Just so it could meet carbon emissions targets, from what we see they are bringing it forward without filling the gap in power supply and jobs," he said.

"There is no alternatives for the gap in supply or the 1000 or so jobs, it will have a big impact in surrounding communities.

"I would like to see those state-owned assets fulfil their full life expectancy, that one is very close to home for me."

Mr Burling also flagged a shortage of amusement infrastructure in the region for kids, including playgrounds.

"I would also like to see them step out of traditional learning environments into a hands-on environment earlier if they are lacking in the classroom."

Mr Burling told voters to not be afraid and give the independent candidate a go this State Government election.

"I am willing to stand up and fight for them," he said.