The Observer's new Media Advertising Manager, Jess McKay.
The Observer's new Media Advertising Manager, Jess McKay. Matt Taylor GLA280218OBSE

Meet our new sales manager

A FAMILIAR face has stepped up to the role of The Observer's Media Advertising Manager.

Jess McKay has replaced former sales manager Ben Williams, who moved back to his native Victoria earlier this month.

Jess has worked at The Observer as a sales representative for the past 14 months and has now made the seamless transition into management.

"I've already worked with businesses in the community and I know how the market is,” Jess said.

"Being on the ground previously to now changing to this role, I've got that knowledge whereas someone else that jumped into this role might not have.

"I know how everything works and have experience and I think people take to that a lot better than a new person in that environment.

"I've met most of the people before so their confidence in me makes a difference and allows me to do this role better.”

Jess has more than 10 years experience in sales since taking on a sales manager role straight out of high school.

Her message to both existing and potential clients is a simple one.

"My message would be to trust us and trust us with their business,” she said.

"We have great marketing plans across all platforms now so we're moving with the times and moving with what businesses need individually.

"I think we've changed our reputation in the way people look at us - we're not just here to take people's money and sell advertising - we're here to help businesses reach their goals and grow their business within the local community.”

To contact Jess email or call 4970 3040.