Jock's passionate about customer service as an agent

Jock Gaughan is passionate about customer service at his family business.
Jock Gaughan is passionate about customer service at his family business. Photo Contributed

MEET Jock Gaughan from Gaughan Property, Gladstone.

This week Jock features in our Agent Insight section, sharing the ups and downs of working in the property sector.

About Jock

I arrived in Gladstone 25 years ago, leaving a comfortable lifestyle in Adelaide as my wife's parents were both unwell.

We decided to put both our careers on hold to spend some quality time with them before their lives came to an end.

It was a journey that we thought would only be for a year.

It was a really tough decision but the right one.

There weren't a great number of jobs available here at that time but I was offered a position in real estate, which I initially baulked at, but then decided why not?

And the rest is, as they say, history.

My thoughts on how I should approach real estate and how to sell are really what I want to share.

The industry

As everyone knows real estate agents, car salesmen, insurance salespeople etc. seem to be bundled into the criteria of being untrustworthy and just out to make a fast buck!

I went into the industry with one single focus and that was to make sure that people were treated in the best way possible and to make sure that when they had found or sold a property with me they would recommend me to their friends first, who might need an agent in the near future.

For me, the whole philosophy about dealing with clients is all about being totally honest and committed to meeting their needs.

Most people think that real estate agents have it easy but I can assure you that is not the case.

Most successful agents will identify with this immediately as it takes long hours and complete dedication to get the best results for your clients.

When I first started, for example, I worked six days a week at Golden Chicken in Auckland Street from 5pm to 10pm to supplement my income. I did that for almost 12 months.

I also had two young children at the time so it was hard yakka, as they say.

The future

Over the years I have seen many people enter this industry thinking they will make a fortune and be on easy street but the reality is that probably only one in every 50 actually goes on to make a career of it.

The one great thing, though, that I have achieved though this industry, which far outweighs the awards and accolades I have received, is the number of close friendships that I made and still have with numerous people.

I love living here and enjoy this industry just as much as the first day I started.

It is a career that I accidentally fell into but one that I have loved with a passion from day one.

I am very proud to now have my daughter Marli by my side ensuring that one day the name Gaughan and what we stand for in real estate will continue.